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The Firearms Training Cadre, a division of GLADIUS INTERNATIONAL, is a team dedicated to providing you with our signature C.O.R.E firearms and tactical training programs. This top-tier training is designed to teach you how to optimize your equipment and develop your mindset to have the best possible outcome in a hostile or dynamically changing environment. Gladius will provide you with the skill set and knowledge base to successfully navigate real-world scenarios that individuals may encounter in our ever-changing world.

With courses ranging in topic from handgun basics and firearm training to security licensing and medical intervention, put our instructors’ years of knowledge and experience to your use by joining us for one of our firearm and defensive tactics training courses…

Florida Concealed Carry Course



Confidence to operate your equipment and to survive in an unstable, hostile environment.

Organize your mindset, mechanics, and equipment to respond to ANY potential threat.

Respond to potentially lethal situations, in or out of the home, utilizing the real-world skills, taught to provide you with the best chances of an optimal outcome.

Evaluate the situations, circumstances, and environment to make logical decisions, enabling you to choose the best course of action in a kinetic event.

Gladius International’s training course curriculum covers
a wide array of practical topics, including:

“Gun Fighting” vs. “Range Shooting”

Dominant eye/hand review & Technique

Anatomical targeting preferences

Proper firearms manipulation

One-handed vs. two-handed shooting:
when / why / how

Room clearing/ home defense

And much more

Florida Concealed Carry Course

This class covers the State of Florida’s basic safety course requirements for firearms safety, qualifications, individual legal responsibility, and Florida law requirements. The cost of the class is all-inclusive, qualifications, ear & eye protection if needed, State CWFL application pack, and all classroom materials.

Offering Classes
Every Tuesday: 6pm-8pm
Every Saturday 9:30am-11:30pm


Handgun Courses

Courses designed to develop the fundamental principles of utilizing a handgun in real-world situations. These classes will provide students with a basic understanding of how to safely handle, function, and shoot a handgun, with an emphasis placed on gun safety and safe handling techniques.

Beginner to expert courses offered.

Carbine Courses

Courses focus on personal safety, battle sight zero (BZO), rifle marksmanship and handling, transition from rifle to pistol, various shooting positions, and use of cover.

These courses will build depth to your carbine skillset and will further your tactical knowledge with the employment of various shooting platforms and dynamic movement techniques. Mental conditioning is also stressed.

Shotgun Courses

C.O.R.E. Tactical Shotgun is a dynamic course designed to teach the basic “pump action” tactical shotgun, to include shotgun to pistol transition.


Warfighter Course

Gladius International’s Warfighter course is geared toward the High Threat Operator or urban survival individual looking to greatly expand their real-world skillsets. All fundamentals covered in carbine 1&2. The use of cover, shooting on the move, turning drills. Transitioning from Carbine to Pistol and back to Carbine, Multiple target engagements, Communicating on engagements, and Warfighter philosophy. This course is designed for shooters and intended for shooters to prepare for crisis situations. For serious shooters and sporting enthusiasts.

AK-47 Course

This C.O.R.E. course introduction is designed to teach the basic rifle marksmanship fundamentals with respect to the AK-47.


Trauma Courses

Learn how to navigate the first few crucial minutes after a traumatic incident has occurred. In the wake of traumatic events, uncontrolled bleeding is one of the most frequent causes of death. Integral to survival in such a case, this course introduces life-saving techniques and strategies to the civilian market. The C.O.R.E. Trauma course curriculum is based on the TCCC guidelines developed by the Joint Trauma System’s (JTS) Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Co-TCCC).

Tourniquet Courses

Gladius’ T.A.C course covers a more in-depth breakdown of proper selection and utilization of tourniquets in a traumatic situation. Designed to bridge the gap between individuals who are first purchasers of tourniquets and experience professionals. The C.O.R.E. medical course curriculum is based on the TCCC guidelines developed by the Joint Trauma System’s (JTS) Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care (Co-TCCC). 

CPR/AED Course

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