High-End Security

Security and Risk Mitigation for VIP and High-Net-Worth Individuals

K9 Services

While K9’s have always been man’s best friend, they can be a force multiplier if used correctly in the field. Gladius works with some of the industry’s best breeders, trainers and handlers to ensure quality K9’s are utilized in operations. Our Kennel is comprised of multiple dog breeds, including German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois’ which provide a variety of functions including: patrol, tracking, deterrence, and detection work. K9 utilization is a strong way to increase the safety of one’s family, home or assets.

  • Explosive Detection
  • Patrol
  • Personal Protection
  • Tracking

Asset Transport (courier)

Gladius’ security courier services are responsible for the safe and timely delivery of the client’s package whether it be jewelry, gold, diamonds or another asset. Our courier services expand to include individuals seeking the most secure way to travel, whether on vacation, on the move for business or general need/desire. Rely on us to safely and securely deliver you and your property wherever it needs to be.

  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • GPS Tracking capability of asset package
  • Client Assurance

Maritime Security and Training

Gladius International offers a unique approach to the world of maritime security. With the support of our lead consultant (Steve Bradshaw, Infinity Global Group) on the topic, we travel to your resident anchor location and develop a customized curriculum to fit the needs of our clients. We understand the time constraints that many ship captains and crews are faced with. One of our most popular training programs is developed around crew-based maritime security initiatives including deterrence, low-vis scenarios, onboard intruder procedures, watchpoints and more. With our maritime security training, our clientele and the crews we train will have an ongoing skill-set for voyages to come. Broken down into single and two-day courses, our training curriculum is time effective and able to be revisited time again for continued development whenever at anchor.

  • Deterrence
  • Onboard intruder response
  • Low-vis
  • Promotes the skill-sets of the crews
  • Scalable over time
  • Time-sensitive
  • Adds additional value to the crew’s capabilities
  • Can provide full-time maritime security personnel

Estate Protection

Static Security at a residence or business location

When selecting a company to secure your home or business there are several important qualities you should look for. Experience level in providing physical security should be the first thing you consider. Our team at Gladius International has decades of experience safe guarding sensitive government facilities and private residences and their occupants in the U.S. and around the world. Knowledge is another key requirement. Our team members have been trained extensively in every aspect of physical security and in the training and supervision of personal security details. The third thing to look at are the skills and abilities of the individual members of the security team. Our team members possess the particular skill sets necessary to best protect you and your property and they excel at the practical application of those skills.

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