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“In Omnia Paratus” – Ready for Anything

In today’s world, physical threats to personal safety are everywhere. We know how important it is to feel safe and secure in your everyday life. Our team of skilled security professionals and officers are trained to identify and address physical threats before they become a problem. We offer corporate and private security solutions, consulting, and training to ensure you and your most valuable assets are safe – always.

Gladius offers courses at our private range designed to build an individual’s skills, to better protect both themselves and others. Taught by trained, experienced professionals with longstanding careers in the military, law enforcement, and defense contracting, our signature firearms and tactical training programs cover:

Florida Concealed Carry Course

This class covers the State of Florida’s basic safety course requirements for firearms safety, qualifications, individual legal responsibility, and Florida law requirements. The cost of the class is all-inclusive, qualifications, ear & eye protection if needed, State CWFL application pack, and all classroom materials.

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Handgun Courses

  • Introduction to Defensive Handgun
  • C.O.R.E Handgun One
  • C.O.R.E Handgun Two
  • C.O.R.E. Everyday Carry
  • Low Light Handgun Training

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Trauma Courses

  • C.O.R.E Trauma Response Course
  • T.A.C Tourniquet Application Course

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Carbine Shooters

  • C.O.R.E Carbine One
  • C.O.R.E Carbine Two
  • Warfighter

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Ladies of Gladius

Gladius welcomes the ladies on the first Sunday of every month to come and enjoy a morning of training at our outdoor training facility. Each month Gladius will provide new and different training relevant to todays modern threats. This training is designed to support women along the path to achieving greater awareness, skills, and the mindset needed to keep themselves and their families safe

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Recent Security Posts

How to Assess a Threat: What Clues to Look Out For

At Gladius International, we take your security seriously. That’s why we offer high-end physical security services and security consulting as well as all levels of firearms training. Our experts know how to mitigate risk and how to best protect you and your property against a vast number of potential threats.

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K9 Officers: Man’s Best Friend and A Noble Protector

Dogs have been used by humans to help perform necessary tasks for thousands of years. These special animals have helped us perform an almost endless number of essential jobs. People have trained dogs to pull carts, help rescue avalanche victims, safeguard property, protect children and detect the odor of potentially dangerous substances.

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Safety Tips for Uber Rides

Uber completely changed the way many of us commute. At the simple touch of a button on your smartphone, you can schedule a car to take you to your destination within minutes. However, having a stranger driving you around can have its dangers. In 2018, the rideshare company disclosed that 3,045 sexual assaults and nine murders occurred during Uber rides that year. Though this is just a small percentage out of billions of yearly Uber rides, it’s always vital to take precautions.

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Self Defense 101 – Four Tips for Defending Yourself

When caught in an unexpected fight-or-flight situation, knowing how to defend yourself can make all the difference. Most individuals who attempt to engage in situations of conflict are typically looking for an easy outcome. Once the target becomes too much trouble, the odds of the attacker to disengage and flee increase dramatically. These three self-defense tips will not only allow you to be a harder target from any physical altercation but also give you confidence in knowing you will be able to defend yourself in a vulnerable situation.

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Executive & VIP Security – Who Can Benefit from Protection?

The world is filled with risks, no matter who you are or what profession you are in, but certain situations can be increasingly dangerous for high-profile individuals such as corporate executives, VIPs, politicians, and celebrities. Unforeseen situations come in many shapes and sizes — like an obsessed fan or disgruntled former employee for example — can develop an incident that makes one wish they had hired the proper security services prior, to protect the individuals at the time, or deter the situation entirely.

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Protection Services

Gladius International is a full-service, highly trained security company that provides safety and protection for its wide range of clients.

Whether you require protection as an individual, a business, or a community, our comprehensive solutions cover any need to protect against harm or threat.

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